Major Projects

In NUSSU commIT, we strongly encourage our members to be actively involved in external projects and take on leadership roles. Each year, NUSSU commIT organizes three major projects, namely Cyberia Camp, ChariTEACH and Creation.

Cyberia Camp

cyberia copy

This is a 3-day-2-night intensive learning camp where we impart IT skills in a fun and interactive camp setting. Our Adobe software trainings are conducted by IT training professionals during the term break in December. Upon completing the camp, every participant will receive an official training certificate.

Cyberia Camp aims to raise the infocomm and technological knowledge of the general NUS student population. At the end of the camp, participants are expected to have basic proficiency in applications of the software. On top of being a training camp, students just wanna have fun, don’t we? Cyberia Camp synthesises the fun aspects of a camp, the joy of making new friends and a fruitful learning environment to create a truly memorable camp.

Registration for Cyberia Camp usually opens in Semester 1 around October. Stay tuned to our announcements around campus, or click here for more information.



We at NUSSU commIT hold the belief that knowledge is meant to be shared. From that belief, we created another major event, named ChariTEACH. CharITEACH is a new initiative which kick-started in April 2013. It is a combination of IT training and community service, providing the participants an opportunity to learn and teach.

We believe that NUS students should be empowered with the necessary skills to spread their knowledge to those who are less fortunate than them. Hence, on Day 1, participants will receive up to 6 hours of professional training in IT software (Adobe Photoshop). In addition to empowering them with the skills, we provide them with a channel to spread their knowledge to charitable organizations all over Singapore. Therefore, on Day 2 in the following week, participants will be teaching the software to our beneficiaries for up to 2 hours followed by fun-bonding activities and a designing competition among the participants from beneficiaries.

We hope that through this event, we can become the impetus, the catalyst to a knowledge-sharing community in NUS. ChariTEACH is a meaningful project bound to provide both the participants and beneficiaries a fulfilling experience.

Click here for more information on this year’s ChariTEACH.



CommIT Creation is a new initiative organized by Committee of Information and Technology. This is a competition opens to all NUS students, who create art works by using any IT software such as photoshop and illustrator. The winners are selected and given amazing price from our sponsors.

The aim of this project is to provide a platform for NUS students to apply their design skills (possibly acquired by other CommIT projects such as the training workshops and Cyberia Camp) and showcase it in a creative manner and style – thus the name Creation which stands for Creative Competition.

Click here for more information on this year’s Creation.