CommIT Centres

We operate two separate computer clusters in NUS.
One in the best place to hangout in NUS, Yusof Ishak House (YIH), and another in AS8.

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In YIH, we provide a total of 45 PCs in two clusters equipped with internet access, printing and scanning. To date, we are still the sole provider of public scanning services in NUS.

In AS8, we have more than 44 PCs there, with internet access and printing.

Other than being the IT services provider, we are also distinguished by our software training workshops which are of the highest of quality. Every semester, we provide training workshops on popular, on-demand softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Excel Visual Basic Application (VBA). Stay tuned to our training workshops by liking our Facebook page.

Here is our centre’s operating hours:


Monday-Friday: 08.30-21.00
Saturday: 08.30-17.00
Sunday: 09.30-15.00


Monday-Friday: 08.00-21.00
Saturday: 08.00-19.00
Sunday: Closed


Printing Rates



IVLE Events

IVLE Events Closure

  • IVLE will be upgrading to a new system in December 2016. We have been informed that the new IVLE will not be able to support to Student Events section as the main purpose of IVLE is to support teaching and learning resources. Kindly do consider other alternatives such as the social media or campus email blasts to publicize any events after December 2016. Thank you for your kind understanding and thank you for using IVLE Student Events.


  • The event must be organized by approved NUS organizers and are for NUS Students community
  • The display event duration must not exceed 14 (fourteen) days
  • One event can only be displayed in one event, duplicate posts is not allowed
  • Ensure that the images used can be seen for public. The images must first be uploaded to some reliable image hosting site, such as ImageShack
  • Events should contain only appropriate contents for NUS Students
  • In the case of experiments, you must:
    • Mention the details (name, faculty & department & contact details if available) of the project supervisor
    • Mention the details (name, faculty & department & contact details) of the contact person of the project
    • State the purpose of the project
    • State the agenda of the project
    • Explain the reimbursement for participants (if any)

Posting Procedure

  • Login to IVLE
  • Click on the “Student events” title on the announcement box
  • Make sure your event adhere to the terms and conditions
  • Fill in the form there and submit